DHO (Diamond Hand Offering)
Holder is the winner! Lock your $GGG and Earn Reward.
What is the benefit of being $GGG Holder? Here is the ANSWER!
Diamond Hand Offering is an offering for the strongest holder, participants will stake and lock $GGG token for a certain period and earn a reward of the project which will list on the DHO Platform. Stakers don't need to buy and earn instantly by participating in DHO. There is no tier system and reward will be divided pro-rata among stakers.

Step to join MetaversePad DHO:

  • Go to the DHO menu on MetaversePad Platform
  • Select the project
  • Lock your $GGG for a certain period of the event
  • Earn the rewards (token of the project) by clicking the redeem button
  • You can join for every project that will list on MetaversePad DHO Event